Alfonso X University: ‘At your side’ plan

The challenge

Make up for the economic crisis effect on lead generation while maintaining the university’s high quality image.

The approach

In order to make the university’s benefits more apparent and relevant, we bundled them in a plan that was labeled ‘At your side’ trat tried to prove how the university does everything to take the most of every single student.

The campaign

The plan translated in an range of actions among which we could highlight the following:

  • A TV ad reflecting the constant support students will have at the university thanks to the plan.
  • A campaign site that gathers and presents all the benefits info (up until then hidden or not even present on the corporate site) in a comprehensible and attractive way.
  • A new online info request process: much clearer calls to action, simplified forms and the new call me back functionality.


Information requests increased by 41 % compared with the previous year’s.

TV ad


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