Cabreiroá: balanced water for people who can’t stand still

The challenge

  • Extend Cabreiroá sales to all Spain (up to 2013, it was only available in Galicia, its home region) as premium mineral water.
  • Define a new positioning that would make the brand stand out in a very mature industry with high investment and long time established players.

The approach

  • Forget fighting for the “weak mineralization water” category, very much (and mistakenly) perceived as a quality standard, and create a new one: “balanced mineral water”, much more consistent with Cabrereiroá’s composition, richer than average in terms of minerals.
  • Focus on a target completely different from the usual in the industry (women in their thirties with kids and/or pregnant): minerals improve hydration, so Cabreiroá can be the best choice for amateur athletes and active people, no matter men or women.
  • Introduce humor with a wild touch that would set cabreiroá aside from the naive tone used by most mineral waters in Spain.

The work was completed with the relaunch of the brand in digital media: new website and social profiles with a very special family made alive by one of Spain’s new generation top illustrators, Laura Pacheco. Facebook fans increased from 2,500 to almost 7,000 in barely 6 months.

TV ad: ‘Cyclist’

Website and social media: |||   |||   @cabreiroa

TV ad: ‘Pilot’

TV ad: ‘Football juggler’

TV ad: ‘Penalty kick’


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