Cortefiel: a real brand for real people

The challenge

To turn around Cortefiel, a Spanish fashion brands which, despite changes already applied to its collections,was still perceived as a stagnated and aged fashion brand.

The approach

Give the brand a younger touch and prove it has indeed changed by…

  1. Positioning it as a brand that celebrates real people who inspire all of us.
  2. Turning it into a value content generator transforming its catalogue into a real magazing and creating special actions to gain impact and interest from the target audience: concerts in store windows, young artists exhibitions, book signings, yoga sessions, etc.
  3. Including a subtle sense of humor in its communication tone.

Season concepts

Each season is based in a concept representing values from both Cortefiel and real people (sometimes a little known to the audience, sometimes not so) who have become social models for everyone:

  • Fall-winter, 2012-13: ‘Brave people’.
  • Spring-summer 2013: ‘Talented people’.
  • Fall-winter, 2013-14: ‘People who pave the way’.
  • Spring- summer 2014: ‘Loving what they do I’.
  • Fall-winter 2014-15: ‘Loving what they do II’.

Magazine covers, inside pages and print ads

Results *

  • +17.85 % in market share.
  • + 16 % of client expenditure in women’s collection.
  • +2.4 % of client expenditure in men’s collection.
  • +94.12 % in penetration rate among women aged 30-39.
  • + 57.69 % in penetration rate among men aged 30-39.
  • 90.1 % of the target see brand image improvement.
  • +21.1 % in brand perceived as “dynamic and up to date”.

* Data from the ‘Brave people’ season compared to results from the fall-winter 2011-12 season.


New talent contest and exhibition [subtitled]

Season sites


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