Ecovidrio: enough with the excuses

The challenge

To activate the key target to manage increase glass recycling rates in Spain: the difficult non-recyclers.

The approach

According to research, the usual levers about the importance of taking care of the environment or good citizenship are no longer relevant for this specific target group. Therefore, the strategy had to push new, very different and brave buttons:

  1. To prove that the most common excuses for not recycling glass are weak and not consistent:
  • The distance to the gass container.
  • Lack of room at home.
  • Very little glass consumption making it absurd to separate the differente kinds of waste.
  1. To show social rejection: nobody will be there to see you’re not recycling, but if it were so?, would you be able to explain your behaviour?
  1. Give up more complex messages (saved energy equivalences, not emitted CO2 tons, etc.) to the best suited media for details and avoid them in the main one for the campaign: TV.

In order to soften the message, we hired humorists much known to Spaniards.

TV ad 2014: ‘Couple’ [subtitled]

[“colleja” is a kind of slang word for a friendly slap in the back of your neck]

TV ad 2014: ‘Kitchen’  [subtitled]

TV ad 2014: ‘Bar’  [subtitled]


TV ad 2013: ‘Beer’ [subtitled]


  • Best recycling campaign recall since 2005 (+82,59 % compared with the previous year campaign). *
  • 9 % increase in the recycling ration within a year. **
  • Facebook followers soared a 642,73 %, from 10,800 to 80,200, with 28,500 due to organic growth.

* Source: ‘Segmentation, attitudes and habits of the Spanish population on glass recycling’, GFK, november 2012.

** Source: Ecovidrio

Print and social media infographics

Text: “Recycling one glass bottle, you save the energy a simple light bulb uses in 4 hours. Your excuses, to the garbage. Your glass, to the green container”.



Texto: “If you need to go recycle, you just go”.



Text: “Recycling 3 glass bottles, we could wass the clothes of a 4 member family for a whole day”.



Advices and ideas to easy glass recycling.



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