La Quiniela: a deal

The challenge

In an industry where sports online betting is strongly growing and attracting football fans, Quiniela (the Government owned traditional football betting game) needed to find a territory and a target of its own, one nombody else could claim.

The approach

To get real football fans back to playing the Quiniela appealing to their most emotional side: the memories we all have in mind from so many years following Spanish football, the epic wins, the unforgettable losses, the celebrations, the tears, the impossible goals, plays, passes and fails.

A field no other game could claim because it’s only Quiniela that’s been there since the almost the very beginning.

And last, but not quite least, we launched one more key message: the great prizes Quiniela offers prove no other game gives you so much back for your suffering and involvement with football.

TV ad


Text: “In exchange for the lost finals, I’ll give you everything back”.


Text: “In exchange for losing despite the effort, I’ll give you everything back”.


Text: “In exchange for the pain you feel as yours, I’ll give you everything back”.



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