Prosegur: corporate social media profiles

The challenge

After launching the new positioning, Prosegur needed to define its worldwide corporate presence on Twitter, Linkedin and propietary blogs.

The approach

Starting out form the brand’s identity, its mission, vision and values, the work translated into a handbook including the following items:

  •  Strategic objectives.
  • Definition of the professional target that the brand should appeal to from a corporate point of view (totally different from the approach assigned to each country, more focused on the household consumer).
  • Content strategy for each of the platforms.
  • Use of complementary platforms (for video, presentations, images, etc.).
  • Internal and external sources of information to create relevant content.
  • Interaction and conversation guide.
  • Crisis management.
  • KPIs and results reporting.
  • Management and monitoring tools.
  • Team, roles and workflow process definition.

Currently, the handbook has been put into practice for the management of the Twitter profiles @prosegur, @prosegur_eng and Linkedin:


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