Prosegur: new positioning

The challenge

Prosegur needed to define a new positioning taking into account the whole range of services it offers (from simple household alarm systems to complex security services at airports, nuclear power plant) and all the countries where it’s present (17 all over the world).

The approach

  • Leave aside the more technical and “hardcore” part of Prosegur’s business (technology, wide range of services, size, etc.).
  • Focus on the final benefit for its clients, no matter if they are big companies or households: the feeling of peace of mind that only a company like Prosegur, among the world’s 4 biggest in the industry, can provide.

It’s all about that indispensable peace of mind we all need to concentrate on what really matters: the good health of a specific business, our families’ well being or making the most of our summer vacation.

The work

The new positioning translated into several materials:

  • Internal presentation and handbook for each country’s marketing teams: introduction to the idea as well as valid and non-valid applications to advertising creative.
  • Print campaign for corporate and product communications.
  • Creative for internal communications (print, emailing, intranet, etc.).

Corporate international campaign


Internal campaign

Text: “From now on, yellow is the color for peace of mind”.



Text: “At the end of the day, what really matters is that you help make their world a more peaceful place”.




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