Subaru: the true 4×4

The challenge

Subaru, a very niche and low sales level brand in Spain (1,500 cars sold as average in a regular year), but with a clear 4×4 personality, was coming back to the market after a two year slowdown due to the tsunami at Fukushima.

The approach

We focused the communication on what makes Subaru a different brand: all of their cars are all-wheel drive, not the simply 4×4 looking but with regular 4×2 front wheel traction that have taken over Spanish streets.

Thus, we were giving up the mainstream market, but manage to…

  • Escape the industry noise where most competitors fight over being the best all-terrain car for the city.
  • Take the decision battle to a field (real 4×4 cars) and a target (outdoors lovers who do value the benefits of all-wheel drive) for whom, thanks to its price and features, Subaru models are much more competitve.

Welcome to Subaru, the brand for the true 4×4 and for whom the best roads don’t look like roads.

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