In May, 2015 I joined my old-friend Marga Castaño in her recently created studio, Apéritif, as partner and head of strategy to reinforce strategic work  (brand, content, UX), client service and corporate management. A totally different project where size and scale become secondary and the start-up spirit, experimentation and fun are now the focus.

In a year, we’ve completed work for Be Mate (a start up for private apartment rental with value added services owned by Room Mate hotels), IAB Spain, Spain’s Creatives Club and Performics as well as helped several creative and media agencies with strategic and creative projects.

We believe the studio’s own projects are key to keep our minds fresh and learn, so we’ve also launched Hardcore Maternity, a politically incorrect comic stripe about being a divorced mom in New York and De12a2.com, our own online store for products designed by us.


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